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Panthera is a digital transformation company that empowers organizations to reach their full digital potential. We unlock the future state of digital enablement and competitiveness for our clients through our comprehensive range of services. From idea generation to implementation, we drive digital success for our clients, making the process seamless and successful for them.

In today's digital landscape, companies are facing a growing need to adapt and evolve to stay ahead of the competition. Panthera is committed to support our corporate clients in their digitalization efforts. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including brand development, user experience design, software development and outsourcing, to ensure that our clients can achieve their digital goals. From idea generation to implementation, Panthera is dedicated to taking care of all aspects of our clients' digital footprint, making the process seamless and effective for them.

Leave your digital footprint in capable hands with Panthera.

Our leaders

Photo of Federico Gadea
Federico Gadea Chief Executive Officer Ver Perfil
Photo of Norwin Guerrero
Norwin Guerrero Chief Technology Officer Ver Perfil
Photo of Laura Parra
Laura Parra Marketing Manager Ver Perfil
Photo of Carlos Echeverry
Carlos Echeverry Creative & strategy dir. Ver Perfil

Marketing hub

Elevate your digital product to new heights with us.
Ángela María
Ángela María Audiovisual Specialist
Julian Barriga
Julian Barriga Digital Marketing Officer
Angélica Ospina
Angélica Ospina Social Media Officer
Laura Holguin
Laura Holguin Graphic Designer
Camila Ossa
Camila Ossa Graphic Designer
Orlish Guido
Orlish Guido Graphic Designer

Technology crew

With us your digital product will be at another level.
Alejandro Obando
Alejandro Obando Software Developer
Nicolas Garcia
Nicolas Garcia Software Developer
Nicol Gómez
Nicol Gómez Software Developer
Santiago Otalora
Santiago Otalora Software Developer
Stiven Arias
Stiven Arias Software Developer
David Lozano
David Lozano Software Developer
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